Bralmor is a Company born (2005) of a woman who believes in herself. This was a dream that is now being fulfilled.

The Company insignia (compass) is an indication that Bralmor has the ability to assist small business owners to find their way within their business.

We pledge that having a deep perceptive of both our client's business and operational needs, enables us to deliver measurable value that offers expediency and precision.

Bralmor offers the following services:
  • Process Design

  • Procedure Design

  • General Office Administration "know how"

  • Mentoring

  • Basic - Intermediate On the Job Computer Training (MS Office)

  • Salaries

  • PAYE

  • Tax Registrations

  • VAT

  • UIF

  • SDL

  • Liaising with SARS

  • Debtor / Credit Management

  • Streamlining of Day to Day Activity

  • On the Job Training - Receptionist / Front Line staff

  • Analysing and Responding to Government Tenders


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